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"The new life given by Jesus Christ is far far greater than any website can hope to display. Bible believing churches all over the world are home to all sorts of people brought together by the power of God. We would love to welcome you among us." Rev. Peter Ratcliff, Minister, Mill Road Church, SW19.


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The Wilderness Life, Whole Heartedly Searching, Seeking and Finding God

By millroadchurchsw19, Mar 9 2015 10:45AM


The Christian life is one of wonderful blessing but it is essentially a life in a barren and dangerous wilderness. Led by the Spirit we will trek through to God and to glory but too many Christians are unaware of the dangers we face and walk too carelessly and consequently do not live as joyfully as they should. The morning sermon on 8th March considered the wilderness theme based on Jesus in the wilderness in Matthew chpater 4. We can't imitate this great fasting and temptation of the Lord Jesus but we can learn a tremendous amount from it. Hear the sermon on our Youtube page here.


Jeremiah 29:11 is perhaps one of the few verses of the book of Jeremiah that is popular today. Taking verses without their context can be highly misleading. We take a careful look at Jeremiah 29:13 to see that Jeremiah was no flatterer but God does indeed have a plan. This provides much encouragement for any who will search and seek after God. You will find Him when you search with your whole heart. Sermon on Jeremiah 29:13 YouTube here.

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