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"The new life given by Jesus Christ is far far greater than any website can hope to display. Bible believing churches all over the world are home to all sorts of people brought together by the power of God. We would love to welcome you among us." Rev. Peter Ratcliff, Minister, Mill Road Church, SW19.


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By millroadchurchsw19, Jul 25 2015 01:34PM

July 26th - join us for Morining Prayer at 11am and Evening Prayer at 6:30pm


Hebrews 9:28 - "So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many" VIDEO HERE - In the first century when the Apostle Paul wrote to the Hebrews, the believers were tempted to turn back to their old Jewish traditions and forget Christianity. Today also the uniqueness if Christ is much doubted. Aren't we all supposed to be ourselves and not worry about what people think? However such a "selfie" lifestyle is unrealistic. What is needed it to turn to God and the way is through faith in this Lord Jesus Christ who offered himself as a sacrifce for sins. The result of this salvation is far greater than anything imagined by the most creative thinkers, philosophers, social reformers and artists.

Nehemiah 1 - "Ready for Action" - Nehemiah was privieged but was ready to give it up to serve God and the people of God. What about you? Will you follow Nehemiah's example with deep prayer and seek the Lord rather than enjoy your own ways? This is the first in a series on the book of Nehemiah and follows the series of sermons on Ezra. We look at the situation in which Jerusalem has been partly restored in the 5th Century BC, but the people were far from right with God. There are many lessons for today's church as we rest on Jesus' promise, "I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it".


- There is no midweek Bible study and prayer meeting on Wednesday 29th July 2015.

- Sunday 2nd August - 11am - The Lord's Supper - Luke 16 - Money! Unrighteous examples showing the way of righteousness! Are you wise unto salvation or just wise about worldly matters? Which is most important to you?

- Sunday 2nd August - 6.30pm - Evening Prayer - Nehemiah 2 - Two ways of thinking - A difficult choice. 1. Make plans then pray for God to bless them. 2 Pray then wait and then act.

By millroadchurchsw19, Apr 4 2015 08:37PM

On 3rd April we had a Good Friday service and were thankful for visitors. The sermon was not recorded but the notes used are HERE

April 5th - 11am Lord's Supper - The Resurrection and what it means to the Christian- full notes here. Video here

April 5th - 6.30pm - Ezra 3 - How to live well with a mixture of joy and sadness Notes here and Video here


April 12th - Rev John J Harding preaching at Morning (11 am) and Evening (6.30 pm) Prayer

April 19th - 11am - Morning Prayer - URGENT MESSAGE TO THE UNCONVERTED - Matthew 16:26 "For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? (Trinitarian Bible Society calendar April text)

April 19th - 6.30 pm - Evening Prayer - EZRA 4 - The Cost of Keeping False Religion out of the Church

By millroadchurchsw19, Mar 31 2015 09:12PM

March 15th Morning - Matthew 4: continued - In the wilderness - help singing salvation praise -Full notes here

March 15th Evening Ezra chapter one - Full notes here

March 22nd Rev Roland Bevan -Matthew 5 encouragment video here

March 29th Morning - Wilderness help - Ten Commandments because "I am the Lord thy God". Video here

March29th Evening - Ezra chapter 2 - Are you a nominal, real or extraordinary Christian? Video here and Brief notes here

By millroadchurchsw19, Mar 9 2015 10:45AM


The Christian life is one of wonderful blessing but it is essentially a life in a barren and dangerous wilderness. Led by the Spirit we will trek through to God and to glory but too many Christians are unaware of the dangers we face and walk too carelessly and consequently do not live as joyfully as they should. The morning sermon on 8th March considered the wilderness theme based on Jesus in the wilderness in Matthew chpater 4. We can't imitate this great fasting and temptation of the Lord Jesus but we can learn a tremendous amount from it. Hear the sermon on our Youtube page here.


Jeremiah 29:11 is perhaps one of the few verses of the book of Jeremiah that is popular today. Taking verses without their context can be highly misleading. We take a careful look at Jeremiah 29:13 to see that Jeremiah was no flatterer but God does indeed have a plan. This provides much encouragement for any who will search and seek after God. You will find Him when you search with your whole heart. Sermon on Jeremiah 29:13 YouTube here.

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