Mill Road Church SW19

Jesus is Lord

"The new life given by Jesus Christ is far far greater than any website can hope to display. Bible believing churches all over the world are home to all sorts of people brought together by the power of God. We would love to welcome you among us." Rev. Peter Ratcliff, Minister, Mill Road Church, SW19.


Mill Road SW19

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We meet to worship God at 11 am and at 6.30pm

These services are about 75 minutes long.

The format is about half liturgy from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and Authorised (King James) Bible with hymns and Psalms sung without music.

The second part fo the service consists of a sermon and concludes with prayer, a Psalm and a Blessing.


If you are able to join us please call for details

0208 417 0875

The Mill Road Church SW19 is a traditional Bible believing Church.


Our members range widely in age from 5 to 95 and come from the four corners of the world! All are welcome!


We are part of a small group of churches called the Church of England (Continuing) which left the Church of England in 1994.

We beleive the Bible and a summary is expressed in the 39 Articles of Religion which date back to the Protestant Reformation of the 16th Century and incorporate the historic teaching of Christianity. We especially believe that when a person truly comes to Jesus Christ then they are saved by God and for God and for ever. This is the greatest blessing that a person can ever know.

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