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Jesus is Lord

"The new life given by Jesus Christ is far far greater than any website can hope to display. Bible believing churches all over the world are home to all sorts of people brought together by the power of God. We would love to welcome you among us." Rev. Peter Ratcliff, Minister, Mill Road Church, SW19.


Mill Road SW19

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"But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us."

2 Corinthians 4:7


The great thing about a Bible believing church is that whether we are many or few, young or old, God is with us.

We are only anything because Jesus Christ is everything.


With St Paul we say, "O that I might know Him . . .and be found in Him." Philippians 3.




A friend, when asked what was the difference between his church and the Church of England, simply said, "we follow the Bible". Likewise another friend was asked what his church had for young people said, "The Gospel".

These answers may sound trite but even in the 1960s Francis Schaeffer said that many churches were using the words from the Bible with all meaning removed! It is not surprising the country is in the state it is in today!


The worship of God is vital to all we do. Sunday is the Lord's Day Sabbath, especially set aside. We will not put you under pressure but please do make the most out of this day which God has given to be a blessing to us!  


The disciples were told by Jesus, "freely have ye received, freely give". We cannot repay God but we are given hearts to love and serve Him and one another.


We especially encourage one another to share the truth about Jesus with others.


We are a small church, growing in grace.


We are multinational, not a multinational.


We are very diverse in terms of just about everything and you are all welcome.




We are a small church.

We are a serious church.

We are a spiritual church.

We are not ecumenical but are friendly with real Christians. What we offer is to be a church in which people may seriously grow in the knowledge and love of God through the Word of God (the Bible) by the Holy Spirit of God. Some have come to us from noisy churches, liberal churches or so-called high churches seeking this sense of seriousness in approaching God through Jesus Christ. Biblical Christianity is what makes for real happiness!


The best thing is to get in touch. We won't do you any harm and you never know, you might find that you are embarking on the most wonderful part of life. Jesus promised "seek and ye shall find". It is "all of grace" so you can be sure that God will be at work in you as you seek Him! Fear not! What ever stage your life is at, "now is the day of salvation". You can be sure that if you turn to Jesus, the best is yet to come.



Churches come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We must not think of ourselves as being better than others. See the Bible at Romans 12:3. Having said that, we try to avoid some common mistakes such as:

1. Being too noisy.  

2. Not practising what we preach.

3. Being formal with no heart.

4. Avoiding things from the Bible that we might not like.

5. Requesting money from the congregation.

6. Promising health and wealth.

These are some of the things we avoid.  

Maybe that is really quite positve! On the positive side: .....


What sort of church is this?

Why you and us?