St Johns Continuing Church

Wimbledon & Clapham Junction

Bible preaching

Care & Service

"Public worship has now resumed with our Garden Services. Contact us for location."

Thursdays at 5.30pm (17:30) and on The Lord's Day at 11am & 6.30pm


About us

The Church of England Continuing, of which we are a small congregation, was formed in 1994.

We believe that the Bible is more relevant today than ever and must not be explained away but rather applied to this needy world.

Our basis of faith is the 39 Articles of Religion which dates back to 16th Century when God graciously brought England out of the Dark Ages.


While "the church is the people" and we worship God all day every day, the heart of our lives is the Lord's Day (Sunday) when we meet together morning and evening because Jesus says, "Where two or three are gahered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them". Therefore we believe in reverent worship.

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Bible Study

A church is a "Bible College" so we meet midweek to get taught what the Bible teaches. This includes time for wider prayer.

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We post our sermons online and sometimes whole services. This is good for those who cannot get out and for those who may be shy to come in. This has been very useful during the Coronavirus outbreak as we have included regular 3pm services Tuesday to Saturday On YouTube and Facebook Live.

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We are a small church which has its advantages and disadvantages. We aren't a clique and we do genuinely love to have all sorts of people together.


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